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CAPE SOUTH To CAPE NORTH: Supporting Third World Development through Kindle Books electronic book sales

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Book Blurb

"CAPE SOUTH Cape Agulhas, South Africa To CAPE NORTH Nordkapp, Norway" is a non-fictional account in 2008 of the first 68yr old man, Sib Andela to ride a VESPA scooter Gts250i from South Africa to Norway in 100 days.


In 1952 my father gave me a book by Richard Pape called “Cape Hot to Cape Cold” that described the sponsored BMC Austin A85, the first motor car trip, from Cape North, Norway the northern most point on the European continent to Cape Agulhas the most southern point of the African continent. So my friend Theo Marais and I as 12 year olds decided to do the trip in reverse when we became adults.

On 24 July 2005 I lost my wife Elisabeth. She died at home of mouth cancer with myself, my son Nic and daughter Liz around her deathbed. Soon afterwards I was driving along Witkoppen Road, Rivonia, South Africa and saw that Vespa was back in South Africa and suddenly remembered the dream of 54 years ago. I went to their show room and met Simon and his sister who both told me about the Vespa range of scooters. I told them of my dream to travel via Africa to Cape North on a scooter.

The planning began and the whole diary account and images are included, enjoy my experience…





Double wave Sinai desert







Cairo  Norway-Nordkapp-Finished