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Dissecting Humour: Supporting the CIDA University through Kindle Books electronic book sales


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Purchase them through Amazon, Kindle Books and download = “Dissecting Humour”. Percentages of purchases go to the CIDA program for under privileged people.


Dissecting Humour Book Blurb:


"Dissecting Humour" is a collection of amusing, toe curling and, at times, horrifying urban legends and anecdotes from those in the medical profession. From bush clinics in deepest Africa to the National Health Hospitals in England, the reader is treated to eye-opening accounts of what really goes on behind-the-scenes: inventive use of drugs, mischievous med students and lost tempers are just some of the subjects covered in this light-hearted read.


After reading this book you will never see medical staff in the same light again!
Dissecting Humour is supporting an International Charity Trust called "CIDA" which provides a new and innovative 4-year tertiary education system in Johannesburg for the very poor of Southern Africa who would not otherwise have the opportunity to progress in this sector.





The CIDA model incorporates professionals from the business world, who teach pro-bono. It combines technology with contact-based learning. The model offers the opportunity to specialize in key areas such as entrepreneurship, marketing, finance or IT. There are over 1,300 students studying on full scholarships, chosen because they have the talent but not the financial means to attend university. Paying miniscule fees amounting to about £120 a year, these students receive quality, holistic, relevant business education.

CIDA is a privately funded university supported through local and international corporate partnerships and individual donations. The internationally admired CIDA model is vital to the creation of broad- based economic development in Africa, by generating highly trained leaders who will produce wealth and sustainable business relevant to the African continent.

CIDA supporters include: Platinum partners: Investec Bank, First National Bank, T-Systems, MTN, DaimlerChrysler, the Kellogg Foundation.

UK supporters include: London Business School, Blackwell Books, Investec UK, Virgin Unite, IMI plc and the David and Elaine Potter Charitable Foundation.

Subheading: Donations, UK registered charity - number 1099275

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