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map_in_circleThe Challenge Trek

London to Johannesburg OVERLAND 4x4 TREK via West Africa over 150 days, departs September 2012:

Dr Nic Andela, will do a Trans-Africa Overland 4x4 TREK from London to Johannesburg via West Africa over 150 days, with his wife Nicky, and nine month old daughter baby Lily, in aid of raising money for St John’s Hospice in the UK and Fatima House in South Africa.




To sponsor the Trans-Africa Charity Challenge go to:

For “St Johns Hospice” in the UK, visit

St John's Hospice delivers extraordinary care and expertise in the field of palliative medicine. They do it free of charge to patients who may be facing a variety of life-threatening illnesses, including cancer, motor neuron disease, renal failure, respiratory disease, HIV and MS.


For “Fatima House” in the RSA,

The Good Shepherd Catholic Sisters are a worldwide congregation who work towards empowering and healing girls and women in marginalized and abusive situations. Read more about the House