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The Union of the Comoros

Known in English as the Comores, this group of islands in the Mozambique Channel, which separates Madagascar from the African continent, gained independence from France in 1975. The islands have had a turbulent history since 1975, enduring more than 20 coups or attempted coups.

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The Comores have few natural resources, apart from their natural beauty, so tourism is the main industry, followed by perfume distillation. Nature in the Comoros Islands conjures up images of white beaches fringed by coconut palms, tropical gardens, shells and fish, including the famous Coelacanth which dates back 350 million years, bushbabies and sea turtles. The perfumes of vanilla and cloves mingle with ylang-ylang flowers, one of the islands’ oldest sources of wealth. As well as the stunning natural beauty, visitors also appreciate the history and culture of these Indian Ocean islands.

Revenue from tourism is jeopardised by poor transport, water, electricity and health services
and the unstable political climate. The major islands are Grande Comore, Anjouan, Mayotte (still administered by France) and Mohéli.
Moroni is the capital with a population of 60 000.


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