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The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Explore Algeria in North Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Known as “Al Jazair” in Arabic and “Algérie” in French, this is the second largest country in the whole of Africa, after Sudan. Algeria is recovering after suffering a serious Civil War in the early 90s and is gradually starting to promote tourism.

In 1848, Algeria was declared a French Colony and, only in 1962,  after a long and turbulent history, did France recognise Algerian sovereignty.

The entire population is 35 million. A vast area of the country is covered by the Sahara Desert, with its dramatic sand dunes – a photographer’s delight.

Algeria is the ideal holiday destination for travellers with a lot of patience and a desire to experience an unforgettable African adventure. Algiers, on the Northern coast, is the capital city and usually the first port of call for tourists.